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About us

noon office stationery

Noon office is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh, and we work through two divisions:


wholesale department

This is done entirely through the website.

 اسم المكلف:: موسسه نون المكتبيه النسائي للقرطاسيه
رقم التسجيل الضريبي
:: 302149089600003VAT

Founded in 2016 in the field of importing paper products and others

We specialize in providing the following products to our customers:


desktop gadgets

Computer and its accessories

School supplies

means of education

Arabic and foreign books and publications

The Qur'an

We are distinguished by:

Continuing to develop and improve product team management plans and capabilities.

Continuing to distinguish sales offers by creating an added value for after sales services.